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Private Label Solutions

Our food plus your brand to create a customised product

For many years, Primizie Food has been the first choice of many large-scale retail trade and retail companies to create their own-brand products. This not only demonstrates the trust placed in us, but it also represents our constant commitment to quality and flexibility.

Step-by-step customisation

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Analysis of specific requirements

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Graphic draft creation

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Print proofs

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Final approval and production

Customisation options

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For large-scale retail trade (GDO):

We provide clear, block bottom bags designed to stand alone, and pillow bags. Their weights can be customised, and distinctive, specially designed labels can be applied.

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For retail shops:

Customisation options cover bag details, weights and labels. We can also meet requests for small print runs thanks to our in-house printer.

Customisation is available exclusively
for dried mushrooms and dried tomatoes.

Customisation is restricted to the brand name for honey and jams: customers can opt for their own brand name instead of the Primizie Food one.

Do you want a unique product that reflects your brand?

Team up with us to create top-quality private label solutions.

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