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Production and packaging of our dried foods

The production steps that bring dried mushrooms and tomatoes to your table

We select each ingredient directly, carefully considering its seasonality and origin, thus guaranteeing top quality and authentic flavours.

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Selection and Harvesting

The journey begins deep in the woods. In addition to considering seasonality, we assess the type of forest, the weather and the development stages of the mushroom to ensure harvesting at the perfect time.

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Immediately after harvesting, the mushrooms are gently dried so as to preserve their aroma and colour. Depending on the type of mushroom, drying can take place either outdoors, in the sun or in an oven.



Once protected and preserved, the mushrooms are then transported to our plant in Torrebelvicino, where they are processed and packed.

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Quality control

Each lot of mushrooms is analysed through mycological controls and a series of tests, to ensure its edibility and safety.

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Final selection

Our specialists skilfully carry out a careful manual selection. For additional security, the dried product is scanned using a metal detector to identify and remove any traces of metal fragments.

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The finished product is automatically or manually packaged and packed as required.

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Dried tomatoes

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Dried tomatoes also embark on a
production path very similar to mushrooms

We have always chosen to favour Italian tomatoes, emphasising the flavour and quality that only Made in Italy products can provide, but we also process tomatoes of foreign origin that are equally tasty.


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